Healthy Relationship Foundations

A wholesome marriage requires a lot more than just adore, as we are led to believe. It’s a great opportunity to consider the underpinnings of all relationships during this time of year, when loving ties and Valentine’s Day are given more attention. These include trust, communication, fairness and fidelity.

Whether you are in a romantic relationship, or not, these features can be applied to your friends, professional relationships and people too. Knowing that you will be supported with respect and care when you share your deeper needs and doubts with others is a good thing having these things in place.

Friendship serves as the first base for a successful partnership. Oftentimes, people that are dating launch of as companions before they enter into a intimate marriage. The purpose for this is that having a strong companionship does facilitate the transition into matrimony and long-term agreements.

A commitment to be authentic with your partner is another foundation, which means that you can tell them who you are and what they’re feeling without having a fear of being judged or abandoned. You also have a clear understanding of your own boundaries and what is and is n’t acceptable in a relationship because of this.

The ability to communicate effectively is a ultimate component of a good relationship. This includes being able to identify the root causes of issue without yelling or harassment. As they work together to arrive at a remedy that is win-win for everyone, both partners feel heard and understood.

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